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June 11, 2015

Welcome to Karstology doctoral study

in Jobs and research positions by Alexander Klimchouk
The Karstology doctoral study program is a world-wide unique program which provides a comprehensive study of karst science, combining the study of the karst landscape, karst caves, karst hydrogeology, biology and ecology of karst in one course of study. It… Read more
Sep 05, 2014 3213

State of Minnesota, U.S.A. employment (hydrology-hydrogeology)

The State of Minnesota has positions open for hydrologists. These positions include some… Read more
Apr 17, 2014 1499

Position of PhD researcher in Karst (Montpellier, France)

3D Modelling (geometry and connections) of carbonate massifs in structurally complex… Read more
Sep 16, 2013 1768

Cave Collapse Evolution Graduate Student Research Positions

Limestone Cave Collapse Evolution As An Analog for Long-Term Rock Behavior Abstract… Read more
Nov 30, 2012 1700

Crawford Hydrology Laboratory Student Research Grant

Crawford Hydrology Laboratory is pleased to announce a new initiative to help support… Read more
Nov 30, 2012 1510

Research Engineer Position in Hydrology in karst area

Research Engineer Position in Hydrology at Polytech’Nice-Sophia, University of Nice… Read more
Oct 10, 2012 1926

Internships at the Edwards Aquifer Authority

Edwards Aquifer Authority has a number of internships this year. The Job Postings are… Read more
Sep 30, 2012 1545

The William L. Wilson Scholarship in Karst Science

The William L. Wilson Scholarship in Karst Science Administered by the Karst Waters… Read more
Mar 12, 2012 2114

USGS Carbonate Aquifer Characterization Laboratory

The Carbonate Aquifer Characterization Laboratory (CACL) was initiated to promote… Read more
Sep 18, 2007 2024

USGS Karst Post-doc position available

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) invites applications for the Mendenhall Postdoctoral… Read more
Nov 30, -0001 1626

Funded PhD Studentship: Reconstructing monsoon variability in Vietnam using high-resolution stalagmite records

The Cold and Palaeoenvironment Group in the Department of Geography at Northumbria… Read more