UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

During the 33 International geological Congress in Oslo, 6-14 August 2008, the symposium GSM-03 is dedicated as a tribute to Derek and Paul for their lifelong and ground-breaking contributions in karst science.

I therefore invite you to submit presentations and to attend the symposium. Please keep in mind that the deadline is short, abstracts must be submitted before February 29th 2008. See  www.33igc.org for details.
Please feel free to spread this mail to everyone who may be interested to contribute.
Stein-Erik Lauritzen
professor, Dr. philos.
Department of earth Science, Bergen University
IGC33 at Oslo, Session GSM-03: Karst as a global phenomenon: 
a tribute to Derek Ford and Paul Williams
Professors emeritii Derek Ford (McMaster University, Canada) and Paul Williams (University of Auckland, New Zealand) were both students of Dr. Majorie Sweeting, the ?grand old lady of karst?, and undertook their doctoral research based at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, respectively, although they spent most of their academic careers in Canada and New Zealand.  The ideas of these two individuals have spread worldwide through their many students and post docs. By their academic careers, the two of them have indeed revolutionised karst science through new methodology and models. They were authors of the first comprehensive monograph and textbook on karstology in 1989: Karst Geomorphology and Hydrology (Unwin Hyman), since revised in their new and expanded second edition (2007) Karst Hydrogeology and Geomorphology (Wiley). The symposium invites their former students and world-wide colleagues to submit presentations in speleogenesis, karst geomorphology, palaeokarst and karst hydrogeology.
Depending on the number of attendants, we aim at an oral session focussed on review- type papers, accompanied with an expanded session or a poster session.
Conveners: Stein-Erik Lauritzen (Bergen), Pavel Bosak (Praha)  & Tim Atkinson (London, UK)