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This book presents the latest advances in karstology by researchers at the ZRC SAZU Karst Research Institute, Slovenia – home of Classical Karst. It features interdisciplinary investigations carried out on the karst surface, subsurface, caves, and associated waters.

Hypogene Karst Regions and Caves of the World

The last decade has witnessed the boost in recognition of the possibility, global occurrence, and practical importance of hypogene karstification (speleogenesis), i.e. the development of macroscopic solutional porosity and permeability by ascending flow from underlying formations, independent of recharge from the overlying or immediately adjacent surface. Hypogene karst has been identified and documented in many regions where it was previously overlooked or misinterpreted. The book contains regional and cave-specfic case studies, selected to represent diversity and importance of hypogene karstification and void-conduit patterns depending on variations of geological environments. Cases include both well-known and newly recognized hypogene karst regions and caves of the word, and focus on geological, hydrogeologic, geodynamic and evolutionary contexts of hypogene speleogenesis. The book will enrich the basis for generalization and categorization of hypogene karstification, demonstrate multifarious implications of hypogene karst studies for other branches of the Earth sciences, and improve our ability to adequately model hypogene karstification and predict related porosity and permeability.