UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

Springer-Verlag has recently published the book "Dynamic Tectonics and Karst" by Prof. Stefan Shanov and Assoc. Prof. Konstantin Kostov from the Geological Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The monograph has the following main contributions: 1. Complete historical overview on the accomplished studies of the relationship “karst & tectonics”; 2. Pointing out the significant role of the tectonic stress fields as a factor controlling the karst processes; 3. Proposition of a complex methodological approach for paleoseismological studies in karstic caves. 

This  book collects the current state of knowledge on the relationship between karst and dynamic tectonics and presents a new methodology to its study. It puts forward several approaches for studying of recent geodynamics in karst terrains, such as tectonic stress fields reconstructions using structural analysis of the fracturing, geophysical studies of the rock anisotropy and fault-plane solutions from earthquakes, analysis of the spatial orientation and absolute dating of deformed speleothems, instrumental and mechanical measurements, monitoring, and modeling – all supported with case studies from several karst areas worldwide, e.g. in Albania, Bulgaria, Cuba and France.


Shanov, S., Kostov, K., 2015. Dynamic Tectonics and Karst. Series: Cave and karst systems of the World. Springer, Heidelberg, 123 p., ISBN 978-3-662-43992-0.

Link: http://www.springer.com/earth+sciences+and+geography/geology/book/978-3-662-43991-3