UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis
The Dinaric Karst System in Croatia - Speleology and Cave Exploration

A few days ago, Springer International Publishing published a book entitled "The Dinaric Karst System in Croatia - Speleology and Cave Exploration".

Author of the book is Professor PhD. Mladen Garašić, geologist, hydrogeologist and speleologist, adjunct secretary of UIS (Union Internatinale de Speleologie), past vice president of FSE (European Speleological Federation), and past president of HSS (Croatian Speleological Federation).

In book In 14 chapters, on 462 pages with 449 figures, beside other, are mentioned and described, some data of caves and caverns in the Croatian karst never published before. The book is published in the International Year of Speleological Objects and Karst (IYCK 2021), which was recently proclaimed by UNESCO in Paris at the initiative of the UIS (Union Internationale de Speleologie).

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