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Klimchouk A.B.
Hypogene speleogenesis, its hydrogeological significance and role in karst evolution (in russian)
Hypogene Speleogenesis, its hydrogeological significance and role in karst evolution

The book examines empirical and theoretical regularities of hypogene speleogenesis and reveals its hydrogeological significance and the role in karst evolution. It is demonstrated that hypogene karst, along with epigenic karst, is the fundamental and wide spread genetic variety of karst, which nature and peculiar features call for revision and refinement of some basic notions of the general karst paradigm. A new approach is advocated to a definition of the notion of karst, where the latter is viewed as a specific groundwater circulation system with key properties determined by speleogenesis.

It is shown that major distinctions in mechanisms of the development of karstic void-conduit structures (types of speleogenesis) are determined by hydrodynamic peculiarities of confined and unconfined groundwater systems, and by the circulation vector. An evolutionary classification of karst is elaborated, which main categories cumulatively reflect its origin and characterize its most essential properties. Hypogene karst is a natural stage in the evolution of karst groundwater circulation geosystems in the course of regressive lithogenesis and hydrogeological cycles.

The book reveals principal regional regularities and type settings of hypogene speleogenesis, and describes its functional, structural and morphological peculiar features. It demonstrates the significance of hypogene speleogenesis in the formation of hydrogenic deposits of mineral resources and hydrocarbons in soluble strata and adjacent formations, and its role in karst hazards. The genetic and evolutionary approach is outlined and advocated in dealing with karst-related applied issues of hydrogeology, geological engineering, petroleum and ore geology.

karst, hypogene karst, deep-seated karst, karst hydrogeology, karst geomorphology, hypogene speleogenesis, carbonate reservoirs.
Klimchouk A.B., 2013, Hypogene speleogenesis, its hydrogeological significance and role in karst evolution (in russian) , 1 - 180 http://institute.speleoukraine.net/libpdf/Klimchouk_2013_Hypogene_Speleogenesis_inRussian.pdf, PDF