UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis
About Speleogenesis project

About Speleogenesis project

In geology Speleogenesis (karstic) is the origin and development of macroscopic dissolution voids and conduits in rocks by circulating fluids. Speleogenesis can be adequately understood only within the broader context of the hydrogeological settings and evolution of karst. In its turn, speleogenesis is a primary process that determines essential features of the hydrogeology of karst and guides its evolution in many ways.

Speleogenesis website is a non-profit web platform aimed to promote karst and cave studies and integrate the international scholarly community through information exchange, communication, and collaboration. Started in 2013 as the Speleogenesis.info website, it developed and maintained various networking and information resources (Speleogenesis Network), serving as a hub of collaborative activities of individual researchers and research institutions involved in karst and geospeleology studies.

With time and with the development of new Internet standards, the Speleogenesis.info website became technologically outdated and increasingly difficult to maintain. The managing team has eventually decided to create a new website at Speleogenesis.com (you are here now), based on modern and efficient technologies and engines, and translate to it the most demanded tools and services from the old site. The old site (Speleogenesis.info) remains operating but registration there is closed and new information is not provided. Personal accounts in the Speleogenesis Network are transferred to the new site but previously registered users are requested to renew their login/password credentials after the first log-in to the new site. If you forgot your login/password in the old system, please try to use the reset password option or register as a new user.

Speleogenesis.com offers the karst/cave science community up-to-date and efficient tools for disseminating announcements and news about any aspects of activities in the field – research projects, publications, events, job opportunities, exploration, etc. The privileged users (upon their discretion or request of members) can additionally disseminate “hot” news via Speleogenesis Network email list, which contains over 1,100 recipients. The site maintains archives of news for each category, contains Glossary of karst/cave terminology, KarstBase, Karst and Cave Journals index, and the full archive of the journal Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers.

Join the Speleogenesis.com website and use its rich functionality to inform the karst/cave community about your activity.

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