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Karst & Cave related events and meetings

The 26th International Cave Bear Symposium (ICBS 2020) will be held in Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen, Mannheim, Germany on 8-11 October 2020. All researchers and interested parties are invited to take an active (talk/poster) or passive role in the proceedings. For more information and to register, see the attached file or contact Dr. Doris Döppes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dear friends,

Please share this message as widely as possible amongst those interested - S'il vous plaît partager ce message aussi largement que possible parmi des personnes intéressées

We would like to invite all cavers and those interested to participate in the 14th EuroSpeleo Forum 2020 from 31st July to 2nd August in Burgos, Spain. This event also marks the 30th anniversary of the European Speleological Federation. The event will be held in the center of the beautiful town of Burgos in the northern part of Spain at the Forum Evolution Burgos - Congress Hall and Auditorium next to the Museum of Human Evolution where you can see the main fossils found at the important Atapuerca excavations.

Dear Friends,

Just a brief reminder that the deadline for submitting abstract for the next International Workshop on Ice Caves (IWIC) is approaching (January 31). This IWIC will be held with the Slovak Caves Administration’s 12th Scientific Conference—Research, Protection, and Utilization of Caves.

Please share this info with anyone you might think would be interested.


Looking forward to seeing you in Liptovsky Mikulas on 12-15 May 2020.

Aurel Perşoiu

President, Glacier, Firn, and Ice Caves Commission

International Union of Speleology

Dear KIG,

As the KIG workshop draws nearer I wanted to provide some updates. The cut-off date for USGS personnel to register for attending the workshop has passed. Registration is still open for everyone else, you can register at the USGS KIG website. We currently have 71 people registered to attend with 31 presenters not including posters presentations. The Texas Geophysical Team will be performing a demonstration of borehole geophysics the evening of the May 14.

The next North-Central Geological Society of America Meeting will occur in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, on May 18-19, 2020.

Karst will be well represented at the meeting with two technical sessions:

T27) The Hydrogeology of Fracture and Karst Bedrock Aquifers; Description: This session will bring together a wide range of geotechnical work on groundwater quality and quantity in non-Darcian fracture and karst bedrock aquifers. Fractures and karst bedrock aquifers are the main groundwater sources on much of the north central region.